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It's My Life...

Don't you forget

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9 April
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  • ulala_gee@livejournal.com
Well I finally updated as I sat bored one night looking at my computer screen wondering what to do and realised this was really out of date.

Hi! I'm known online as Ula Gee (ulala_gee), I'm creative, shy, but out-going?!

I spend my time drawing, making things mainly jewellery, gaming and working Zzz! I spend way too much time on the internet mainly buying random and pointless things or looking at expensive clothing I can't afford (BTSSB and Angelic Pretty).

I'm in to Gothic Lolita style but its not practical to wear all the time :( so unfortunately I have to wear semi-normal clothes most of them time, but love the chance to dress up.

I also love Japan and everything about it! it hopefully going this year!! I love the fashion, culture, dolls. <3 I'm massively in to anime and manga and cosplay at convensions.

Aims this year:
- Finally try and complete a Manga
- Properly launch my online shop (Soda Pop Rocks)
- Visit Japan
- and enjoy live more!

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