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Add some sparkle! [08 Apr 2009|11:29pm]
My Lj is totally boring now and rarely updated so to make it a little more exciting we have added pictures in today's entry!

Its my birthday tomorrow, i'm not one for my birthday at all its normally a pretty disappointing day and to be honest I don't think I have any gifts to come and I have a total of 3 cards so far. So if anyone wants to buy me some last minute gifts here are 4 things that I really want <3 hehe!

To save your friends page + rest of entry as no idea how to put it outside cut lolCollapse )
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Sadness [06 Mar 2009|10:26pm]
So I got my hair done, its ok nothing special. But least it looks healthy 'cept for it needing dying but in two minds whether to have it all black like normal or get the top bit done red. I like blue or pink but thats not an option at the moment lol.

I saw a cat get knocked down today, it really upset me :( But least both sides of the roads cars got out to see if it was ok. I was so horrible, but over fast at least.

Got Mac Hello Kitty makeup I wanted!!

Need to still shift some stuff but just got new Silent Hill so thats distracting me a little when I get time but doing load of hours at work and other jobs too.

I'm going to start selling a lot of my Loli stuff, theres lots of it I simply hardly wear not got the time with it to be honest and I am thinking should I still wear it, make me happy but sometimes... I don't know. Still a lot to go its just taking the photos.

I need a day, or a week off!
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[17 Feb 2009|12:51am]
Eek! I still need to sort my hair out. I have an issue trusting people with my hair that look really normal... I want something different but not 100% sure what. I wish I knew someone that could help me out, but my friends are useless because they are all boring :(

I really want red but then its supposed to be a nightmare to keep.

I just want something interesting, and a new me... I have turned so boring lately as I rarely get chance to express the real me.

I need a good chance to dress up and a makeover.

Anyone any advice what to do, where to go, or someone want to be my stylist? x
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Not more hair [25 Jan 2009|12:20am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I'm really fed up at the minute, I honestly don't know what I am doing except for destroying myself. I think I need to get up off the floor brush off my knees and start again.

I need to make more time for me, I need to take better care of myself, and I need to discover me because I got lost somewhere.

So number one is get my hair sorted, need a style I want something different and not boring... I wish I knew someone that was talented but wanted to help with my hair because I can't afford loads to get it sorted and I hate most salons as they just don't understand me and just make it look plain and have a fear of cutting it. I think I have an odd face too which doesn't help :(

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Need a makeover! [15 Jan 2009|12:20am]

So as normal I haven’t posted forever but I have actually started being on LJ a lot watching all my friends and communities so at least I am actually about.

My head is all over at the moment, I think I know what I want but then I can’t have what I want but then I guess life is always that way.

 I decided this year that I was going to have more freetime and not work myself so stupid… so far its not going to great because the new girl at work lets us down more then the other. *sigh*

 I’m in desperate need of my hair doing… its really long!! Too long and looking a bit ratty at the ends and feeling really dry. Was going to have it done just before Christmas but then a good paid job came up on my only time off so I did that >__< I just need a makeover because I am fed up… just want someone to come and say sit here we are going to do this to your hair and this is your style because I am slowly losing it as I seem to constantly be wearing black work clothes. So any offers?! Someone want to help re-create my style, new hair and new image?! Pretty please.

And on other news I have loads to sell as I have that much stuff that I don’t use. So its sales post, evilBay and carboots! I have loads of EGL stuff too which I just don’t wear may as well get some money back after my wonderful Meta custom fee today!!

Plus totally tick off with my so called friend thats been with me loads lately because she needed me... she only contacts me when she needs me. Then she lets me down when I sort a job for her so she make me look stupid now she wants me to give her a reference for a job... I really don't want to because I think she would let them done like everyone else but then I am soft and a doormat so probably will.

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Hi!! tis me [02 Jun 2008|11:16pm]
[ mood | hot ]

… ok so everything has basically happened.

I had been well for quite a while and now! *shock*

I have been getting loads of work lately. Mainly Guitar Hero stuff including cooking to death in the arena for the "give it a name" festival babysitting guitar hero pods. But it was great because I met loads of really great people. Including the cutest guy ever! Bands, a great guy called Alex etc etc. Did more Guitar Hero work the weekend before last, was in a really quiet shop so it wasn't so great, but still getting paid to play GH you can't complain too much! Also done a Snooker 888.com thing for a new agency and Nivea thing.

On the other hand cosine work seems to be really winding down to not getting much work again! We were supposed to be starting to get work now (Hello?!)… I don't really know what to do see if I can get more agency work, get another job etc etc… but also considering going to do a college course in makeup still, but the one I was looking at you have to do a stupid beauty therapy course first which doesn't seem to have anything to do with the makeup thing I want to do.

Ages ago but I really enjoyed the Emilie Autumn gig so I am really glad I went to that. Last Tuesday I went to see Robots in Disguise which was great… and it's not long to Download now. But wish I was going to Leeds! Seems a lot better but I couldn't get tickets *sulk*

Went to Recon at Waterstones in Sheffield on Thursday, it was a chance to dress up but it pretty much sucked and the guy that was hosting it was just rubbish and sounded so unenthusiastic. It was no where near as good as the one I went to at M'hell few years back.

I caved in and bought Rockband at the weekend. Was served by the sweetest guy ever… need to get over silly obsession with guys with black hair and lip piecing, because I never meet that sort of person. Also bought GTAIV need to stop spending now! Only sell sell sell!! Need money for Download.

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Hello, goodbye [24 May 2008|11:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm feeling fed up again... maybe its the fact that I am coming down with cold again isn't helping, plus I am tired. I have a lot going on in my head! I should be really happy because some great stuff has happened but still I am not sure. Life can be so confusing and I am too tired to write it all down.

Want to do a proper update later, because loads has happened! keep meaning to put it down but never got round to it. Busy Busy!

Off to Alton Towers tomorrow! a day off *amazement*

will update soon

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Maybe its the wonderful weather doing it?! [18 Apr 2008|12:38am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Not a lot to say really except for I am not feeling too great again and I have work and then the Emilie Autumn gig at the Corp to go to tomorrow. I'm going to take Ruth with me John's sister because she's starting to get in to music and stuff so she should enjoy it!

I have two Gerbils a dark one and a Beige coloured one, but as of yet haven't got names but they should have when I get a bit of time to bond with them. Would have never thought it would be so hard to actually get hold of them.

I survived Sunday and it was no where near as bad as I had expected it to be, was actually ok… would have all been nice to actually go in one car (don't ask!) but you know that's my friends for you. Ended up going to the seaside in the nice wet weather! Lol. Alex went out with me on Monday, we went to Clumber Park and yes it rained again, oh and hailed! But it was fun and got us out for a bit.

Work is still uncertain. Marina is on about moving to tactical :( so I will be core and then we need another branded. Thing is we mainly get work at the weekend which is when you get more work which is a lot better paid then what we are doing. Could have got 4 days doing Nivea job in May but least I have one good paid day doing it. Also I think I am covering Marina's Saturday but Berni never rung me to ask me and I really don't want to do it because it's a late. Not that I actually have any plans on Saturday!

Still no progress on the hair thing, so my mission next week is get it booked and get it over and none with before I go insane… look enough of a mess at the min without my hair looking rubbish too.

I'm in a fed up mood again! I guess it doesn't help with me feeling ill and all but I don't know I am just a little fed up with life and how things are in general… still have something else on my mind but I don't get where my head is with that so I am not going to talk about it at the minute.

Ok time to sleep and think about what to wear tomorrow! Would have been great if I was in the mood *sigh*

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*sigh* *sulk* *pout* [12 Apr 2008|12:31am]
Finally it seems like its all going back to normal at work and Marina is coming back, so I know where everything is again and no dropping extra days on me at the last minute. I'm so glad I am working with Marina again.

Had my team meeting out of the way so can progress with project fishbowl… I am sure they can't really mine because after all my hair is under my hat when I work. I do however need to get it cut first. I know what I want and everything its just having the picture and a hairdresser. I wish I just knew someone that did hair it would be a less traumatising experience because I hate having to look in to a mirror for an hour +

I survived my birthday, the day suxed pretty much. I hate birthdays I always feel so unimportant and didn't get presents off my two best friends which is when it get depressing… they didn't know what to get me but anything would have done really. John says he's buying me a gerbil; don't get me started on this one!! I don't know if he really wants me to have one or it was just the easiest thing to do with him not being able to find me a present… I didn't want much just something just to show he cared I guess. My mum and dad got me Enchanted on Blu-Ray and are going to get me something when they go to the states in a few weeks.

I wish I was going with my parents *sigh* I don't want to be on my own for two weeks and I want to go on holiday I am only going to end up going on one holiday this year because I can't find anyone to go on holiday with me because all my friends are boring! I want to go to Hong Kong!! Would love to go back to Japan but I can't find anyone to go with me, would love to go out there for a month with someone it would be so fun.

Also couldn't get Leeds tickets *sulk* maybe I will pick some up on eBay near to the time.

Yeah we are all, yeah all not just me and Fi like I thought going out for my birthday on Sunday. Stay tuned for the full report!
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All work and no play... [29 Mar 2008|10:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm so bored!

Practically living at work at the moment because since Wednesday last week I have been coving all Marina's dems, so this week I am doing 5 days at Sainsbusy's. Wouldn't be so bad if it was the only job I was doing but I am so ready for a day off now, plus I was doing Activision calls over the Easter, and my Sale Leadership *twitch* need a break!

Not sure what is happening over the whole Sainsbury's thing because I think Marina is going to end up leaving, but I guess not going to find out much till next week as she is currently on holiday. I don't want her to leave! I am worried I will end up working with some really horrible person… I have the visions of when I was working at Asda with Linda who hated me for no real reason (one of those, ok to your face kind of people), maybe it was because I was young?!

I hate Warburtons! My dems for them this week were like a nightmare!! Wednesday they don't send any stock in so I am stood there like an idiot promoting something that isn't even for sale and people just think you're stupid. So they rushed yeah rushed! Stock in which didn't turn up till after my dinner at 2.30pm, then I get a phone call from Janice saying you can go home if it's not turned up. Damn it! But if I had known what was going to happen the next day doing the same dem… well I would have pretended it hadn't!! So on Thursday when doing the dem again they sent no more in and I sell out at 1.30pm my punishment for selling everything is I have to stand there again like an idiot till 5.20 I couldn't leave because they wouldn't let me go, I had to stand and promote the brand! Wtf! What's the point in getting the sale?! Sometimes I wonder!!!!!

Still in two minds whether to take off on holiday with my parents in April… Just want to get away! *sigh*

I bought hair day… not going to touch it till I have had my hair done which I am going to try and finally get sorted this week if I can find a picture like I want. Not sure if the dye is a good idea till I have had my team meeting on the 8th. Least at Sainsburys I can kind of cover it with my hat and everywhere else well doesn't really matter!

Yay I update my LJ to rant again! No surprise! … there is plenty more but I am not going to go in to it and start off on another one.

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Maybe if I scream?! [14 Mar 2008|11:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Argh! I am in such a ticked off mood! Which has been getting worse since Wednesday.

Not been with it at all today. Thought my manager was supposed to be coming in today so I rushed to make sure I was there dead on time, when I got there however I realised I should have been in 30 minutes earlier because it was Unilever, then I throw tea all over my top, plus voice has been bad all day… the whole voice going thing started yesterday, another new symptom to add to my growing list! And after all that she didn't come in today it's tomorrow she is coming, actually says on my letter she's coming on Friday the 15th (so yeah that would be Saturday the 15th) thought it was weird she was coming in two different days to see me any Marina.

So this whole in a bad mood started Wednesday when I got a text with my hours in for April, which are just rubbish basically I am sick of not getting the work we are supposed to get. 2 weeks in April I am only getting 1 day per week… what happened to the 3?! Going to talk to Berni about it when she comes in tomorrow because its just getting beyond a joke now as they is little point to working for them as I am not getting the work and I am supposed to be as flexible as hell but they can't offer me enough work to be so… also I am not going to be entitled to any holidays at this rate.

I guess not been well has helped this really, Wednesday I was so tired went to the cinema and lost what was going on after a while because I wasn't with it… least I think/hope I didn't fall asleep at all. Maybe it's the medication making me go weird and tired?! Then all night I was having dreams that I was still at the cinema… at least I think none of that other stuff happened while I was there lol.

Thursday I went out for meal for Craig's Birthday and felt shocking then too which is when I developed my voice going symptom, I felt so out of it and as soon as I got home I fell almost straight to sleep…. And that's about all I want to say about that.

I'm confused right now which probably isn't helping my mood at all, considering something dramatic. I'm talking in my usual riddles!

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... and after last nights entry! [10 Mar 2008|10:42am]
[ mood | sore ]

Oh it just gets worse!

This morning from about 3am I was having a Saw-like dreams about having something stuck in my stomach and that is was going to kill me so I had to work out how to make the pain stop so the only thing that stopped it from hurting and killing me was to breath through my nose (its kind of funny really)… so I get up go to the bathroom and feel not so great then attempt to sleep again …and so the dream continues this time the breathing through the nose and closing my mouth isn't working anymore so much anymore and I can't figure out how to stop the pain. I get to the point where the pain is getting far too much to sleep and eventually I am sobbing (as it's really happening) my heart out in agony hardly being able to breath, the more I breathed (and more worked up I got) the more the pain was so I was taking short breaths. Honestly at that point I thought I was dying because the stabbing pains were getting more intense, and I just wanted to give up breathing. My mum managed to convince me to go to A&E at around 4, but by the time you see anymore the pains not so bad and you feel like a fraud.

Basically I have pulled the muscle (most likely from all the coughing I have been doing from being ill for so flaming long) under my rib and when I breathe the diaphragm and lung are pressing down on it causing me really sharp stabbing pains. When I finally got to see the doctor it'd died down and was only hurting sporadically but by the time I got home it had started full on pain again. And the great news is! I have pulled the muscle it will take about 2 weeks to go back to normal and it's really painful and you have to grim and bare it… and that basically is all I got from the doctor.

Currently is having a quiet period an being sporadic, but hoping it doesn't start up again because every time I try and lay down to sleep, because I am really tired it hurts like hell again.

So basically now I am at home and bored because I can't do a lot or I'm in agony. I need company and a hug lol.

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Do you ever feel like your being watched? [10 Mar 2008|12:12am]
[ mood | blah ]

*sob* please no not again, my body aches, I woke up with a sore throat I feel rubbish and worn out. Don't let me be really ill again I still haven't recovered! I need to ring the doctors tomorrow to see if they got the results from the other test I did last week, they are trying to work out what medication to give me to cure it… think they are more likely to give me a business card for a funeral place.

I've listed loads of stuff on eBay to take advantage of the free listing day… I can remember when they used to have them all the time now it's like every other year! Which is why I hardly use it anymore but I need stuff shifted so I think I am going to have to resort to it more often. They didn't even email me about it I just found out as I signed in to my account the other day *sigh*

I had some pretty bad news the other week one of my customers has died; I've known her for about 6 or 7 years so it's pretty weird… I knew she'd not been great for the past year :(

I'm starting to get paranoid about my weight, I think I have been eating too much and really unhealthy stuff which I don't really enjoy eating (I'm more an eat to live type of person)… I don't know what's with me I have just been in the 'can't be bothered' mood and now I am regretting it. So no looking at tape measures or scales!

*sigh* so fed up, need a hug, life feels like its starting to suck again.

So for cheer up Gemma mode I am going to get my hair sorted finally, do my roots too because it looks horrible and I'm never going to get the black out and I have decided I like it again now lol, and sort out my head out, design this print I was going to do, and try and get some more work!

Should sleep because I am probably typing rubbish!

Nothing exciting for my LJ stalkers today! you know who you are! ;)

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So many emotions [27 Feb 2008|11:43pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So I am still not super well, but I am coping not too ill. Got my results back from the blood test and they have found nothing wrong with me, not sure if that is a good or a bad thing, at least if they'd have found something then I would at least know why I have been sick for so long and maybe there would be something I could do about it. But I'm not anaemic like everyone always seems to assume, I'm just pale! And don't see the deal with being pale, I'm not a tan person.

Been to the cinema a couple of times again (Be Kind Rewind, and Definitely, Maybe, was going to see Waz or Deep Water or whatever its called not much difference is there) … once on Saturday and then again on Monday, but now tonight because I am stuck in on my own I am fed up and not very motivated to do a lot about it… see I could have taken this chance to get my eBay store that I just re-opened stocked seen as I am paying for it.

Talking about selling… I haven't done any of the sales so far I said I was going to do, just sold a few more makeup items, and some Avon stuff to family and friends… so maybe tomorrow I will be a little more motivated to do it after I get back from my morning appointments.

My heads still all other the place with feeling and such, I think I might be falling for someone but I am not quite sure… Maybe that's why I am feeling so lonely now and fed up of being stuck in. Argh!! Isn't this supposed to be a good feeling?! Also having weird issues with someone else. So confused!!

I got my pictures from Craig for the photos I had done a few weeks back. For once I actually like some photos:

Also two more here, may post more later Collapse )

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[21 Feb 2008|12:23am]
[ mood | cold ]

I'm still no right, probably should go back to doctors but I don't feel super ill so feel like I am wasting there time. I have cold like symptoms still that just can shift, but it's only mild but that's how I have gone every other time till it comes back.

I booked my tickets for download! 4 of us going this time… so have scary figure charged to my credit card till I get all my money in off people. I need to now quit the spending a bit been going OTT, so I have banned myself from Japanese auction but still managed to buy a skirt thought egl sales today… I guess on a good note I have sold quite a bit but I need to sell more think I am going to have to go back on to eVILby to try and get rid of stuff because lot bigger audience then TSUK and stuff and I just need money and space. So my goal next week is list list list on my days off! Also got some stuff to put on EGL Sales and other places too as I would rather go there first then eBay.

Got my Meta sweets dress today OMG! So cute!! <3

I don't know where my head is at the moment seems to be daydreaming about silly thing, and letting things bother me that shouldn't (especially when it isn't really to do with me)… I think it's because I have been feeling lonely lately due to been stuck in loads from being ill.

Alex came to see me Tuesday, but was too cold to really go anywhere (was pretty day though)… did I mention he's actually banned from Fi and Dan's house, because Dan doesn't like him. It's so stupid! Why does it matter who I hang around with or whatever?!

Saw another classic movie too "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" it was almost as bad as "Cloverfields" but not quite.

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... I am not quite dead yet [15 Feb 2008|01:02am]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm still not well... the doctor signed me off work for 2 weeks, and I have just finished my 3rd lot of antibiotics and I am still not right. Went for a blood test (which scared the hell out of me) on Wednesday, only managed to force myself because I am so fed up now of being like this.

Its my full day back at my contract job tomorrow, and I don't know how I will last the whole day as I just tire out so easy at the moment... maybe I should have gone back and seen the doctors and told him I am still not right! and if he could check me out but didn't bother because I couldn't get an appointment the same day I was going for blood test. I just want to get back on with life now, though!

On a plus note being ill has allowed me to complete Tomb Raider when I finally got past the sea monster because stupid grapple was aiming completely opposite way to what I was. Stupid women!

Yesterday was my PC meal. It was really nice but I just wish I had felt better to enjoy it more. It was nice that my best rep went too. I have two which got in to President Club this year. I managed to miss the coach to get there and end up on another areas coach! but got there about 10 mins before the one I should have been on lol.

Today I tried to go back on to a proper normal day with recruiting, a secret shop and then a merch job and felt dead by the end of it and was only working 11.30 - 4.30, so no idea how I will cope tomorrow. Least I am better then I had been as before I was shaking and alsorts when I over did it by doing not much at all.

And its official! yet again no one loves me! *sob*

Anyway I should sleep, will do a proper update soon with my new picture from a shoot which I really love! its a first a picture of me that I can't find a fault with! of course its photoshopped to hell though. lol

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I'm never well [27 Jan 2008|12:34am]
So I am still sick… all this time after my last post and I am still not right. I went to the doctors though as after Christmas day it started up again and then turned out nasty around New Years Day and end with me eventually going to the doctors after passing out. Turns out it was a chest infection even though all my symptoms were head based. Go figure! So after a dose of antibiotic and seeing the New Year in dying in bed I am getting better but still not right. I'm not bad or anything just having off days and coughing still and my chest is kind of weezing sometimes… maybe I should go back to the doctors but I don't really feel ill enough.

Christmas was nice but quiet and was a shame I wasn't feeling too great. I got my Harajuku Lovers watch that I wanted but refused to pay that much for when I was in Florida, and my cool Bose Portable Ideck, and loads of other random things. I got Eternal Sonata for my 360 and have completed it now that's what being ill does to you give you time to play games and watch lots of films! Went to cinema lots probably favourite I watch over the Xmas period was Enchanted, also watch loads on DVD. For once I have been lazy and not worked lots.

So now is back to reality and work! Lots happening at work: Got my petrol claimed, we are the bottom of the rating for stores, but seem happy with me; we have been moved from outside store to in store, and two visits from Team Leader/ Coach in one week one day after other. Could go off on a rant about it all but can't be bothered.

I finally have a real Vivienne Westwood necklace (I need a job working for Vivienne Westwood as I fell in love with a Jacket, and still want a cardigan but I can't afford to spend that sort of money on things.), John took me down to Leeds to pick it up today, I love it <3 Went to Studio to have some pictures done which I probably didn't go great because I wasn't really with it and disorganised. Then I went to the cinema to see Sweeney Todd with Craig today. I'm off on a Saturday it's a miracle. Why can't people dress like that now! I love clothes like that.

Still my hair is annoying me and no idea what to do with it except for impractical things like dying it blue. Its really long (at my hips) but needs trimming and some weight out of it because it looks too flat, and my fringe looks wrong to me its probably not as bad as I am imagining it. I have no idea what to do with it style wise as I would hate to lose the length but it's lifeless. Doesn't help that I hate hairdressers, all that looking in the mirror :S I want to change the colour but imagine this black will be a total nightmare to get out.
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Poorly sick and dying [20 Dec 2007|11:55pm]
So after having cold for about a month now, well lingering systems I now am officially ill again more like flu thing time but at least I managed to get out of bed today. Hoping I will feel better tomorrow because I am working stacking shelves in Tesco yay!! Lol but could hardly turn it down when I am probably getting about twice as much as people that work there normally… however I'm not looking forward to it because I have 2 stores tomorrow 6 hours in total and I just rather stop in bed.

Still not sorted anything with my hair so it will look totally rubbish all through Christmas now, but I look a complete state at the moment anyway with being ill. I don't know what to do with hair but I don't want to end up going to someone that will screw my hair up as that has happened quite a few times now. Like the daft chav I told I wanted my hair to have volume and decided to straighten it wtf?! She couldn't understand my hime cute either and just persisted to insult me. This is why I would prefer to go to a salon that does more alternative styles instead of just normal stuff or alternatively have someone I know that was a hairdresser besides my mum as she doesn't like to do my hair.

… I feel ear ache and a sore throat coming on for tomorrow which I could really do without *sigh*

It's so near to Christmas and I am behind due to working too much and then not being well when I was going to go shopping. I've tried to do as much shopping online as I could as it's a lot less stressful, can't be doing with overcrowded shopping in M'hell etc. Praying that the stuff I ordered of the internet will show up on time, because it seems to be taking a while. Royal mail got to love them! No idea when I will get the rest of the stuff I need as I have hardly any days left only really got Sat and Sun after work because only doing 3 hours.
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Jobs, games and hair... [17 Dec 2007|12:00am]
[ mood | blah ]

Life is becoming annoying again, work sucks and I am seriously getting fed up with it as I have to be totally flexible but they are not flexible at all. Was supposed to be working next week so turn down other work, could have done this really cool games job for a month but couldn't due to my contract job now I am thinking I should have just left and gone and done it. It ticks me off because now I am not working when I was told I was and I am not going to get paid for a week!! Stupid contract means I get totally screwed over.

On good news work wise I am getting loads of jobs through another agency, load of games related things even if it is just checking stores for titles/ merchandising its work its pretty well paid. Plus I got two Guitar Hero jobs with them which were the best thing ever! I loved it so much, see this is what I am good at and passionate about playing games, talking about them, which in turn leads to sales. But as far as getting in to the industry I can't think of a way in anymore *sigh* I seem to love the marketing side of things nowadays and would love to go to the events promote the games etc.

Avon wise doing pretty well at the moment and continue to pay my car with it!

So me I have been really busy, I guess too busy need to take it easier its not so great working so much but I have some time off in Dec / Jan for Christmas more so then I should have had thanks to my stupid contacted job! Is a time to dress up, relax and have fun.

… and when I haven't been working myself stupid I have been to several gigs the latest was Marilyn Manson which was really good except for the journey from hell to Manchester which I don't even want to think about.

Feeling down about myself need my hair sorting but never going to find a hairdresser that won't ruin my hair this close to Christmas and I don't really know what I want doing with it (hate having hair done). I'm thinking maybe I will go redhead after xmas but not sure how much of a hell it will be getting this black out of my hair. I love the black but fancy a change. But what to do with the style?! want Hime cut again I think… I need a stylist I feel so ugly at the moment.

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Finally and another holiday later [25 Oct 2007|07:33pm]
So I decided it was time I wrote a bit of an update, and mainly because I am sat here and can't really be bothered to do anything.


I've recently come back of another holiday, this time it was Florida, can't miss my Halloween Horror Nights!! It was so cool this year because it had three legends Freddy, Jason and Leatherface so there was houses based on them. There were more houses, more shows but there was a lack of proper scarezones which disappointed me. I might post some pictures later if I get chance because normally all my pictures go on to facebook and this place gets left out and I have some pretty neat pictures because we also did a behind the scenes tour some of the houses which was great and gave you a proper look in to how they create them. That would be such a cool job! That or a scare actor ^__^

… I spent too much money on holiday because the dollar rate was good so I needed that new Ipod touch lol. Loads more things I wanted but I ran out of money and now I am poor.

While I was there I realised I was a diamond expert, because we spend that much time looking at them because my mum wanted one… I was that good that the sales people always let me have a look first and I even got asked if I lived locally because they would have given me a job. In the end I ended up picking the diamond for my mum as I had the best idea of what to look for and I could always pick out the best diamond.

Also managed to get a discount on my coffee because the women that owned the shop always wanted to give me that mall worker discount because she thought I worked there at first (people always think I work there) so in the end decided she would just give it me every time and made sure her staff did too. The women who worked on the hair stall really liked me too, she was so sweet and always remembered me if she saw me even if I was passing and ended up giving me a freebee with my purchase and saying bye to me when I left.

It was such a great holiday and I can't wait for next year now… Already need my next holiday lol.

I ended up doing a bit of modelling lol… it was different and would have been more fun if I was more confident but I still don't think I am much. But I don't think I am that photogentic and look quite different in real life. Heres one of them:

Other things that I can't be bothered to write a load about but happened.
- Went to see Bowling For Soup on the Get Happy Tour and got killed
- I'm on my 9th day of working now, as I was moved on to a different store to help with the taste the difference taste festival
- I had Sunday off this week but agreed to work in a convenience store because I need the money
- I am totally poor
- I have spent too much time on facebook doing nothing (Anyone here on facebook I haven't added)
- Went to one of them photo makeover things overall I think it was a bit rubbish and not what we paid for but hopefully the photos will turn out ok
- And anything else I forgot.
.:6 Sugar Lumps:. Sugar Lump?

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